Record yields with the use of Fertil’s mineral fertilizers

As a result of the previously conducted chemical analysis of soil, the selection of appropriate formulation of Fertil’s fertilizers and the implementation of advice on their proper use, there are numerous agricultural producers who, in cooperation with the Expert Service of Victoria Logistic, achieved record yields on their lots in the previous period. Among the examples of successful producers, we would like to highlight three partners of Victoria Logistic.

“Dukat” from Bačko Novo Selo achieved a yield of 12t/ha of corn on a 150ha area, using 300kg/ha of Fertil’s fertilizer, of the formulation 5:24:16. Another record yield was 7t/ha of wheat on a 110ha area, achieved by the business partner AIK Njegoševo from the North Bačka District, using the fertilizer formulation 9:15:15. An excellent soybeans yield of 4.2t/ha on a 30ha area was achieved by the Agronom Despotovo Pivnice cooperative, using Fertil’s fertilizer formulation 9:15:15.