AgroPort logistics centre in Backa Palanka

During the first business year at the AgroPort center, 330,000t of mercantile goods and mineral fertilizers were transshipped and 100,000t of mineral fertilizers were packed. Agreements on business and technical cooperation with almost all companies involved in export and import activities in the agriculture sector have already been signed. Furthermore, some significant investments in infrastructure have been realized, raising the service capacity and level: the overhaul of line 25/1 for the packagthttging of mineral fertilizers, the overhaul of the automatic line for packaging BIG BAGs, the installation of new sieves for the reworking of materials and the renovation of parts of the storage capacity.

“The total export of oilseeds and seeds via the Danube last year amounted to 3.5 million with an approximately 10% participation of the AgroPort center. We are planning on further investments during the upcoming period, which we will use to develop our logistics center. Our aim is to achieve the transshipping of 500,000t of mercantile goods next year”, Vladimir Grujičić announced.

A storage capacity of 55,000t and silos of a capacity close to 25,000t are available for AgroPort’s clients along with the possibility for packaging of mercantile goods. In addition to the storage of seeds, the following seed quality improvement services are offered: cleaning, drying, fumigation and separation of seeds by quality. Quantitative as well as qualitative seed security is ensured and the seed temperature is tracked 24h. The intake capacity amounts to 1,500t/day, the drying capacity to 600-700t/day and the shipment capacity to 2,000t/day. In addition to sampling by means of an automatic vacuum probe, there is the possibility of the examination of all samples in  SP Laboratory.

AgroPort also has floor storage with the capacity of 30,000t at the Port of Bačka Palanka. Port services include embarking or disembarking two barges simultaneously, with a barge embarking capacity of 3,000t/day and the receipt of over 50 trucks daily.

Within its artificial fertilizer packaging service, the AgroPort center provides the necessary packaging and, on top of that, the option of organized transport to the end address. The total capacity of mineral fertilizer packaging amounts to 900t/day.

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